AFJROTC Unit Management and Website Content Management System

Originally built in 2005, Wings is an internal Unit Management system custom-built for Air Force Junior ROTC units. Wings also provides the unit with a basic public-facing website to publish notices, news, photos, and other content. Wings underwent yearly revisions and completed a total system overhaul in the Summer of 2011. Planned features for the next incremental release are a parent portal supporting private photo sharing, announcements, and mass email features.

Unit Management System: Features

Wings provides the following features for intra-unit management.

Service Hour Tracking

One of our premier features, the Service Hour Tracker tracks community service events for each cadet. Hours are sorted into the categories of Community, School, JROTC Unit, Color Guard, or Saber Arch service. Filtered by grade, class period, or rank, cadet leadership or instructors can view service hour totals (overall or by category) at any time by academic year and semester. An itemized, full school year statistical breakdown can be generated on the fly for reporting to AFJROTC headquarters. Record entries can be requested by cadets, approved by those in the "service hour" or "personnel" user groups. Cadets can be granted a service hour record individually or in a bulk insert.

Tasking Order and OPORD

Allows cadet leadership to publish a tasking order and OPORD using a dynamic HTML editor. Cadets can then login to their personal account and view these documents and information (i.e. uniform of the day) through this system.


Rosters for unit or instructor use, such as a blank gradesheet or phone/job roster, are generated on the fly.

Photo Gallery

In order to protect unit photos from unauthorized use, Wings 2012 Increment 3 will offer a protected photo gallery where unit Public Affairs staffs can upload photos for cadet, instructor, and parent viewing.

Parent Portal

Planned for Wings 2012 Increment 3, the parent portal will offer the unit instructors the ability to post messages, securly share photos with parents, and send out mass emails.

Public Site: Content Management System

Wings provides an easy way to update a unit's website. Knowledge of HTML is not needed. Cadet "webmasters" can easily update content, upload files for download, and more using a simple graphical editor similar to a word processor. Those with HTML knowledge can edit the page directly.

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